Cubed Advisory Services works with clients from the inception of a project to advise what a lot or existing building can be, what it will cost to get there and what the return will be.  We are another set of eyes for more seasoned developers and an outsourced development department for newer players in the market.

Best and Highest Use

We review your project intentions and let you know where a greater return can be made.  We recommend adjustments to the mix of a project based on current market conditions help to maximize it's return.

Zoning Advantages

We examine all projects for zoning code advantages.  Construction details, building layout as well as location all have an impact on the zoning calculations behind a project.  We take a smart approach to finding more square feet and flesh out an envelope to match.

Construction Cost Estimate

Before bidding, before drawings we do estimates to build construction cost into the project model.  Accurate numbers up front ensure the fiscal soundness of the project going forward.

Financial Modeling

Have you figured the burn rate into your project?  Construction cost? Interest rates? Hard & soft costs?  We do.  We connect the financial model to the project schedule and ensure the ROI matches reality.